Friday, October 24, 2014

My Morning Walk

I love my morning walk.  My friend lives out in the middle of nowhere. I don't know how she does it but she likes it out there.  It's does make for a nice walk though so I took my camera this morning.  The leaves are almost done turning colors but it still has some country charm.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2014

A poem, etc.

A picture of Claire. Just because.

Last night I went to the Music and Madness concert with Mark Lowry, Stan Whitmire, and The Martins.  It was a great concert.  Even though I was sleep deprived and a little disappointed that some of my friends couldn't be there like we had planned, I still loved every minute of it.  I always do.  In fact, when they come somewhere near my home again, I might just go see it by myself so I can go again.  If they come to a city near you, you should go see it.  You won't be disappointed.

I thought I would share another one of my grandma's poems.

Just Trusting
By Violet Carr

I'm walking with my hand in Thine
Just trusting Lord in Thee
For Thou doth know what lies ahead
The path is plain to see.
Thou has a plan it's for my good
And my path Thou shall direct
And Thou will lead me ever on
And all other paths reject.

But I'd rather walk with Thee, dear Lord
Though the clouds hang dark o'er head
And trust Thy hands to hold me
Than choose the brightest path instead
For though the path be worn and rugged
And someone calls retreat
I find Thy hands holding me
As Thou keeps me on my feet.

Then the hill I climb grows steeper
And it looks like I might fall
Then I hear Thy gentle soothing words
"I'm watching over all."
Then in weariness, I'm resting
But my joy is now complete
For I'm listening to Thy voice
As I'm resting at Thy feet

And the Spirit, Thy Word unfolds
And my eyes find treasures bright
And my spirit soars on high
Finding there my souls delight
Thy blessed Word, Thy hidden treasures
Stored for me to search, to find
Lord Thou will lead me, keep me ever
Keep me body, soul, and mind

Until the time this path shall end
Then joy beyond compare
As when Thy loving face I see
As I greet Thee over there
And Thou will know the path I journeyed
For Thou held me by the hand
Then once again, Ill thank Thee
For the path that Thou had planned.

Psalm 18:2    Psalm 27:5

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Farmer's Market

Guess where I went today!

Oh first, let me just clear something up from my last soap box post.  I do not have any problem with people discussing God or discussing their differences in beliefs.  My problem is with condemnation.  I thank God that there is no condemnation in Christ, even when we're wrong.  So, enough about that.

I went to the farmer's market!  I LOVE the farmer's market.  Yes, I just yelled that.  Back to an inside voice now.  I went to the Davison Farmer's Market.  I actually drove an hour to go there.  Lansing has a farmer's market but I'm not impressed with it.  I live in the Lansing area but I have to admit that there is nothing cutting edge about Lansing.  It isn't like Flint with the big billboard advertising or Saginaw with it's drive thru funeral home. What???

Oh wait.  I was writing about the farmer's market, wasn't I?  My kids were very embarrassed that I was taking pictures at the farmer's market, but just look at this wonderful place!

I came home with butternut squash, summer squash, candy onions, cabbage, etc.

Cherry jam for Brett.

Sticks of meat for Brett and Travis.  I'm not sure it actually counts as meat, but I won't come between them and their meat sticks.

And yes, I devoured this.  Travis got one 3 times bigger than this!

A small jug of popcorn.  There's nothing better than air popped popcorn with salt and butter for an evening snack while I watch Under The Dome.  Only one more show left until the end of the season. (I know it's the stupidest show ever, and yet I keep watching it.)

It was a great day at the Davison Farmer's Market.  I might just go back again next week.

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Soap Box

or cat litter box

People tearing down other people.

We start seeing it at an early age.  The cool girls in the classroom all have their hair in a ponytail and they tell the girls wearing braids that they look dorky.  The cool girls may get a few cheers from their own crowd, but to the rest of the classroom they just look like they're being mean.

I grew up in a church that taught against any other Christians who didn't believe exactly the same way we did.  It didn't make sense to me then, and it still doesn't.  I haven't seen much of that for many years, but for some reason, recently, in my small world, it's been happening everywhere I turn.  It gives me knots in my stomach.

If Jesus is your Lord and Savior, then you are my brother or sister in Christ.  Whether or not you believe in healing, speaking in tongues, prosperity, pre, mid, or post tribulation, etc.  There will always be differences of opinion among Christians. We don't have to agree about everything but we also don't have to tear each other down for those differences.  Onlookers just see people being mean to each other.  The bottom line is that nobody has everything right.  I'm sure that God will straighten us all out when we get to heaven.  We may even be surprised by what we find out when we get there.

I pray that the love of God will shine so brightly from His children that people will come running to be a part of our family.   
In the mighty, precious, and powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

I'll get down now. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sewing with a Cat

Yes, that's Claire's tail.

"This spot is much better"

Note to self:  When a cat invades the cutting area, close the rotary cutter and put it down until the cat is removed.  Does anyone else make as big of a mess as I do?

(Please ignore my incredibly ugly kitchen floor.  We've barely started the kitchen remodel.)

"It's more comfortable over here anyway."

That cat just won't stop moving long enough to take a clear picture.

Another project is in the works!
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